3 Tips To Avoiding The Extra Layers In Winter

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Winter is well and truly here, it’s that time of the year where we’ll all cover right up for the next few months, and stay inside a bit more often. Winter is usually the time of year where you might not be so diligent with your healthy eating, its cold and wet, and there’s a lot more excuses not to exercise or get out and about, and because you’re rugging up and you know you won’t be hitting the beach for the next 6 months its easy to let things slide a little. If you manage to get through winter without doing too much harm, it’s a lot easier to get the body ready for summer that is never far around the corner. Here’s 3 tips to get through winter unscathed.


  1. Replace hot comfort foods with healthy soups. When it starts to get cold and dreary, the summer salads are hard to maintain in winter. Instead of heading for the warm pasta, breads and rice dishes, cook up a big healthy soup once or twice per week. This will satisfy the craving for something warm, and will keep the bodyfat from piling on by avoiding a lot of the excess carbs, which always seem to go up in the colder months. Include some healthy lean protein like chicken or lamb, TONS of veggies and experiment with any herbs and spices you like for a healthy, waistline friendly treat.



  1. Have a backup exercise plan.  If your main form of exercise is outdoors, then over winter you’re going to need a backup plan or you’ll give yourself way too many excuses to skip workouts. Different things will suit different people, but you could buy or hire some home gym equipment to keep you going through winter, buy a gym membership, or hire the services of a personal training studio. Even just doing some quick 10-15 minute ‘at home’ bodyweights workouts with no equipment can give you great results. This one below for example will burn fat, tone muscle, and give your metabolism a big boost, you can do this at home anytime with no equipment – so no excuses!


Squats 30 seconds, Push Ups 30sec, star jumps 30 sec, high knee running on the spot 30 sec. Perform these 4 exercises at a fast pace, one after the other without a break. After completing all 4 exercises. Rest 60-90 sec, repeat 3-5imes.



  1. Change your winter mindset. Most people let themselves go over winter, and then frantically try to get into shape a few weeks out from summer. Summer comes around and with the excitement of the warm weather comes the extra socializing, partying, & alcohol, and you realize a last minute health kick is not as easy as you thought. The New Year comes and you tell yourself this year is the year you’ll get healthy & fit, so by next summer you won’t have to worry. It rarely happens and the vicious cycle continues. Break the cycle of getting nowhere by changing your mindset and think of winter as the time to really take care of yourself, to eat better, and to ramp up the exercise so you can enjoy the warm summer months when they do come, you’ll be glad you did. In reality, it takes longer than the 4 – 8 weeks most people think its going to take to get in shape for summer, so get a big head start on everyone else and change your attitude of winter – winter is the perfect time to stay mentally strong and use your willpower go on a health kick, you’ve got a good 4-6 months to get in shape and by summer when the warm weather hits, when motivation may usually start to wane after a few months of being good, you’ll find it’s a lot easier to stay on track.


Ben Longley own The Fit Stop, personal training and group training studio in St Kilda East, specialising in fat loss & real fitness results for local residents.


For more information about his services you can visit www.StKildaFitnessTrainer.com.au or read his blog at www.TheFitStop.com.au


You can contact him at ben@bgltraining.com.au


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    Seems this article was meant to be published in previous editions…..opening line – Winter is well and truly here…….This is the September issue which means spring is now here……perhaps an article on how to lose weight and tone for summer!?? Seems like you had to fill some space and dug out an old article that never ended up being published.

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