21 Reasons to visit Acland Court:

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Ground Floor:

Coles: A one-stop-shop inside a one-stop-shop. If Acland court was a Babushka doll, Coles would be the largest doll, containing everything from toothpicks to chicken drumsticks.

Acland Court Pharmacy:  A sprawling floor of health and beauty products and expert advice for all your pharmacy needs. And a stunning range of gorgeous fragrances to suit every budget!! Another great spot for Mothers Day gifts!

St Kilda Eyecare (G1):  Take care of your eyes in this boutique optometrist that offers everything from eye testing to an extensive range of the very latest in designer frames and lenses! Topped off with a fabulous range of ultra stylish sunglasses!  

Hair Obsession (G2): Looking your best whilst doing the weekly-shop isn’t a priority for many, until you catch your reflection in a shop window and the hair-beast looks agonisingly back! Emergency procedure required. Don’t fret, Hair Obsession will give you a new ‘do’!! Bridal make-up and a spray tan! What more could you want!!

The Galley (G3-4): Tupperware parties aren’t just some excuse for bored housewives to rid of their husbands and book a stripper – real people actually have real Tupperware parties. Having a secret addiction to kitchenware isn’t shameful, in fact, you’re amongst royal company. The Galley provides an upmarket array of kitchen and homewares, gifts for everyone!. Plenty of options for Mother’s Day…

Chimmys (G5): An Acland Court institution with an open-plan cafe, artisan bread, pastries and super great coffee!

Cellarbrations (G7-7): Access via Barkly Street and Acland Court make this super convenient. There’s a massive selection of your favourite tipple on offer and great deals every week too. Mother’s Day reminder – watch offers on champagne.

Ground Yourself Café – G8: Nowadays we’re all health-conscious, and these guys peddle great superfood options and decent coffee – proving you can be both indulgent and wholesome at the same time. Look out for their super-green breakfast, a real hit with the locals.

Vodafone (G9): A little piece of this global enterprise resides in one of Acland Court’s nooks. Get connected with the latest phone’s, plans and accessories.

Nook (K1): How many times have you been walking through a shopping with your loved one and suddenly been struck by a romantic lightning bolt? Yes, we’ve all been there. Nook provides the jewellery for those impromptu acts of affection. All pieces are individually tailored and handmade or crafted by international and national designers.

Takara Sushi (K2): Almost marooned in the middle of the ground floor, Sushi provides a great mid-shopping pitstop. Freshly made daily on site. Catering and platters are also available.

Euro Bites (K3): There are not many places that are so convenient you hardly need to break stride when procuring some breakfast. The personification of efficiency and friendly service with great coffee!!!.

First floor:

Ihana Yoga (F1): Shopping can be fatiguing, dealing with mid-shop burn can be remedied in many ways: some people drink coffee, or take a snooze, some even throw the towel in. Conveniently positioned on the first floor, Ihana Yoga yoga provides a sanctuary to refresh those legs and recharge the soul. Vinyasa Flow Yoga – empower yourself!!

The Laundry Room (F2-3): Don’t underestimate those strange locations where your best thinking is done. And if you don’t have a eureka moment, at least your clothes will be clean, plus there’s internet access to ease the downtime. Service wash available including pick up & delivery!!

St Kilda Super Clinic (F5-9): Super convenient, offering general medical as well as pathology and physiotherapy! Open from 7am until midnight every day! There’s even an escalator & lifts to get to the first floor with the minimum of fuss.

Beyond the shopping experience, you can also do these:

  • Enjoy the atrium, iconic murals and central sculpture by Greg Irvine
  • Park your car… yes there’s parking.
  • Video Kiosk: Just when you thought everything was cloud-based, digitised and intangible, you bump into this piece of nostalgia, a real analogue kiosk where you can hire DVD’s.
  • Weigh yourself on some good old-fashioned scales.
  • If a spot of good old school people watching doesn’t float-your-boat, then jump on the Free WiFi.
  • Pick up a copy of the St Kilda News 


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