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Another summer is upon St Kilda and everywhere you look our village is alive with energy.  But this Summer is just a little different.  It is the first St Kilda summer that you can also sit and read a copy of your local St Kilda Newspaper!  This is the tenth edition of SKN after first publishing in March 2011 and we hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed making it.

Thank you to the huge community support we have received so far making it clear that we are here to stay.  In particular there are four big factors that have contributed most to the success of SKN.

1)     All the people who have been picking up copies of the paper and making us popular!  Thank you and please keep doing so.

2)     All the volunteers (now over 40 of you!) who have helped so much to enhance and improve the quality of the paper.

3)     The businesses and organisations that advertise with us or support us in other ways to keep us afloat!  Thank you!

4)     The Salvation Army who have supported our Work for the Dole activity and sent us many talented local people who we have been able to help transition back into the workforce.

This edition is a Summer Special and we have printed 10,000 copies and expect to have over 40,000 people read the paper during December and January.  You are one of them so if you like the paper please don’t throw it away when you’re finished but pass it on to someone else who may also enjoy reading it.

If you are a local business or organisation please get in contact with us to discuss how we can work together in 2012.  We are made by the St Kilda Community for the St Kilda Community and we want all our relationships to be mutually beneficial.

Finally, a special thank you to the individuals who have helped enormously to pull this whole thing off.  Founding volunteers Aaron Webb and Hayden Charles, Graphic Designer O’keito (K-Man) Shortte, volunteer editors Matthew Coote and Rachel Lian, distribution manager Ian Shiell, writer Gabby Harkins and social media girl Tania Sullivan.

Have a memorable and exciting St Kilda summer.

Joel Cohen



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